Numbers and Quantity

Learning numbers and their quantity

Again I work with kids. I don’t have any of my own. I borrow other people kids (with permission of course) and try pinterest ideas or my own ideas on the unsuspecting kiddos. Today I want to show you my number cards.

I used note cards, wrote the number, and wrote that number of circles on it.

All you need:


-3×5 note cards

-little things to put in the circles

random beads

              I used beads, coca-cola bottle caps, large rocks.  The girl who worked on this really liked it. She liked using the bigger rocks mostly, but sometimes the beads were the only things that were small enough to fit into the NINE circles.




Geocaching is like a treasure hunt with a gps

This is seriously a fun date idea, group idea, family outing… Super fun. Well, I’ll admit when you don’t find it… not so much… but it is still a great way to get outside and do some treasure hunting!

looking… looking… finding!

Steen’s Tips

– make sure you have some sort of GPS… iphones can get an app. A map can work, but sometimes its harder

– BRING A PEN… no matter what. Most of the geocaches I run into don’t have their own pen.

– Bring something to put in it. Leave your mark. Remember you can’t take anything, unless you put something in.

– Don’t go alone. Not because it is dangerous… but because it SO much fun to discover things together

We found this at a geocache site… creepy! Maybe it is dangerous alone!

There is probably one where you live. Its around the world! If not then start some! Want more information? Click HERE

In Honor of The Cat

Tux. My Tux.

He has mostly won his battle against a bite or puncture wound this last week. Yesterday was the check up and the vet even cleared him to go outside. PHEW! Because for awhile I wasn’t getting any sleep.

Yes he is in what looks like a baby sling and staying there.

He is the really best cat for me. I am so thankful to Grant who gave him to me, the hubby for letting me have him, and to God who knew we would be a great match.