Kids Learning Letters

Love kids! Yes I do! And I love practicing my ideas and sometimes pinterest find on unsuspecting children! BWAHAHAHA

YOU can do pretty much anything with this idea:

– I had one kiddo who was pretty young so I just had her do letter recognition (the top right picture),

– One little girl was working on small words (left picture)

– and finally one older boy worked on spelling words

bananagrams or scrabble letters both can work

Every age LOVED it. ; )


Numbers and Quantity

Learning numbers and their quantity

Again I work with kids. I don’t have any of my own. I borrow other people kids (with permission of course) and try pinterest ideas or my own ideas on the unsuspecting kiddos. Today I want to show you my number cards.

I used note cards, wrote the number, and wrote that number of circles on it.

All you need:


-3×5 note cards

-little things to put in the circles

random beads

              I used beads, coca-cola bottle caps, large rocks.  The girl who worked on this really liked it. She liked using the bigger rocks mostly, but sometimes the beads were the only things that were small enough to fit into the NINE circles.


Kids and Color!

My job is to work with kids… really my job… is called Children’s Pastor. So because of this and just because I love kiddos I do all this crazy kid stuff even though I have none of my own. I test intriguing pinterest finds and my own thoughts out on nephews, neighbors, and unsuspecting kids everywhere! They have no idea they are my guinea pigs!

done in no time!

So first up is the color matching game. Easy peasy!


egg carton,


things of color (I used some random game pieces my MiLaw had from when she was a teacher)

1- paint the carton the colors of the pieces BUT you could use marker or even colored pencil. Our dear orange was a colored pencil I believe

2- let them play!!! …   wait! 1 and a half should be let it dry…

My neighbor was slightly interested,

but this other little girlie I was tutoring over the summer, LOVED it so much I let her keep it.