Bike Ride!

This would be a super cute date idea, but I went with my sis in law, and my mother in law. IT was such a blast! We rode to the near by town and made sure to get some Starbucks :).

One of our bikes did not even make it 50 yards. the chain or something… went all crazy.


1- check and double check your BIKES… or have someone more capable check it… (i failed at this!)

2 – BRING SUNGLASSES… that was the one thing I really wished I brought

3 – Bring water, snacks, first aid kit… Stuff just in case 🙂


More Hiking

it was steep!

I really love hiking… I like being outside.  SO… even though I’ve already done a post like this I can’t resist to post some more pictures of different hikes.

Mostly pictures ahead!

At the top!

I actually hiked around Bateman Island the other week, but have yet to post pictures

Date Night #1

Every week Peter and I are planning a date. 2x of them will be inexpensive and 2x more expensive.  Peter and I get to plan one of each. I have all of mine planned until Christmas AND the fun way I want to invite him to come… that’s right Peter, if you are reading this : )

So installment #1- Putt Putt

hole in one! This was only the first!

I asked him through a code. When you put the paper around the pencil it shows the code. Sorry I have no pictures of this but i do have a picture of my hole in one!!

sneaky dino in the back. And notice the pockets


1. Make sure someone has pockets… larger pockets to fit the score card and pencil in. THANK GOODNESS Peter had pockets!

2. Remember its just a game. Too much competitive spirit can lead to a competition rather than a date… ITS A DATE : )

3. Afterward plan to get ice cream or something since Putt Putting isn’t really a conversational sport… you know you can’t get deep inside the other person’s thoughts.

I saw this white ball and was so excited until Peter said it was a jaw breaker… so I used a rock to crush it… yup i just touched a nasty jawbreaker!


Three Random Things

I have found 3 mildly entertaining scenes to keep your chin up high:

#1 Orange Watermelon. I guess they are suppose to taste sweeter, but mine tasted just the same… and I am ok with that because watermelon is superb just the way it is

#2 A lizard. Actually 3 or 4, but I only got a shot of this little guy. I saw them on my last hike up Candy Mt. Yup… Candy. As in its streets were Starburst Court and Hershey Lane… but no real candy mind you

#3 A 3 legged dog! Angry, but still 3 legged.

Kids Learning Letters

Love kids! Yes I do! And I love practicing my ideas and sometimes pinterest find on unsuspecting children! BWAHAHAHA

YOU can do pretty much anything with this idea:

– I had one kiddo who was pretty young so I just had her do letter recognition (the top right picture),

– One little girl was working on small words (left picture)

– and finally one older boy worked on spelling words

bananagrams or scrabble letters both can work

Every age LOVED it. ; )

Chase the Sunset

ImageAnother fun thing to do which can totally be turned into an inexpensive date idea is try to find a good place to watch the sunset.

Sadly for my friend and I we left too late to go to our high up spot. Our high spot was actually east so we were driving away from the sunset and then didn’t have the spot picked out just the road.

HOWEVER we did then go on a very crazy, barely used road which had this unbelievably steep dip in it. (like straight up roller coaster!)Image


1- Plan ahead of time the spot you want to watch the sunset

2- Figure out what time the sun goes down (weather channel?) and leave with plenty of time

3- If it doesn’t work out still make it an adventure!


Numbers and Quantity

Learning numbers and their quantity

Again I work with kids. I don’t have any of my own. I borrow other people kids (with permission of course) and try pinterest ideas or my own ideas on the unsuspecting kiddos. Today I want to show you my number cards.

I used note cards, wrote the number, and wrote that number of circles on it.

All you need:


-3×5 note cards

-little things to put in the circles

random beads

              I used beads, coca-cola bottle caps, large rocks.  The girl who worked on this really liked it. She liked using the bigger rocks mostly, but sometimes the beads were the only things that were small enough to fit into the NINE circles.