Date #3

It was Peter’s turn.  (We each plan one expensive and one inexpensive date each month.)

IT was amazing! We were going to hike up, but we were running late and out of sunlight so we drove to the top. I was glad we did since as soon as we got out of the car we heard many coyotes!!

Then we had some chicken noodle soup and watched the lovely skyline. Although the smoke did prevent us from seeing as far as usual.

I love date night. I love Peter.




Geocaching is like a treasure hunt with a gps

This is seriously a fun date idea, group idea, family outing… Super fun. Well, I’ll admit when you don’t find it… not so much… but it is still a great way to get outside and do some treasure hunting!

looking… looking… finding!

Steen’s Tips

– make sure you have some sort of GPS… iphones can get an app. A map can work, but sometimes its harder

– BRING A PEN… no matter what. Most of the geocaches I run into don’t have their own pen.

– Bring something to put in it. Leave your mark. Remember you can’t take anything, unless you put something in.

– Don’t go alone. Not because it is dangerous… but because it SO much fun to discover things together

We found this at a geocache site… creepy! Maybe it is dangerous alone!

There is probably one where you live. Its around the world! If not then start some! Want more information? Click HERE

Small Places – Quirky Date Idea

Can you believe this is real?

My fun thing this last week was the trip that my husband and I made to a TINY… very tiny town close to us. It was a drive, but a little worth it just for the picture above!! How hilarious!

Yes this is how he wore his sunnies!


1) bring more water

2) bring some snacks (or make SURE SURE they have a place to eat)

3) make sure to get out at least once

See that river?

The river was beautiful and by far my second favorite part. It really nice because you get the chance to take long talks and explore 🙂

The Adventure Continues

It was so hot! But I loved it!

Since I have moved to a smaller town… much smaller… I’ve had a really hard time figuring out how to… I don’t know entertain myself? maybe? So I am going to challenge myself to try to do at least one really fun activity of some kind and post about it every week…. lets see how it goes!

First- HIKING!


I love hiking! And living in a valley doesn’t not afford many hiking trails, however living in a valley means there is high ground around somewhere!

It makes hiking extra awesome if you scout out the area you are going to so you can feel all educated and mountain man like

Where to go if you want to know

(hehehe) about the best hiking? Your local REI or if you are in South-ish Eastern WA or Northern Eastern OR … some pretty fun ideas.

take only pictures… leave only footprints