Adventures in Kayaking… Date #2

wearing a wet suit- a 1st time for me!

Peter and I are doing two expensive and two inexpensive dates (one for every week!) This week was are expensive date. WE planned this one together. Actually, we wanted to do this kayaking class for our vacation (when we hiked badger Mt. and went back packing). So we went to a kayaking class. 7 hours! But it was totally worth it! I LOVED IT! and just in case you can’t tell from the pictures… Peter, hot guy in the wet suit, also enjoyed it.

Sorry no pictures of the actual adventure *sad face*

Goodness there were so many thing sI could tell you because it was an incredible day! It was super awesome. Ah.. but alas for the lack of ¬†space, time, and focus i’ll just tell you my favorite part: ¬†practicing rescuing Peter and also learning to rescue myself ; )

SO adventurous!

on the way there


1 Listen to your guides. Seriously, the trip wouldn’t have been half as fun without our super awesome teachers. They were hilarious and totally ripping on Peter in a fun loving way.

2 Drink water and wear sunscreen. Necessities.

3 Relax and Laugh! Whether you fall in on purpose or not (lol- PETER) or can’t paddle straight (cough, cough… me) its so much more fun when you can laugh and laugh a lot.

Peter the “man” HE was the life of our kayak posse